• Future Hope is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the idea that suitable, safe, and welcoming accommodation is a fundamental part of anyone's route to a stable and productive life.  
  • Future Hope oversees three linked programs, Next Step, Quixote House, and Massie House, in an effort to bring a stable community-oriented environment into the lives of those in need.

   The movement from prison presents complex pressures and challenges after years and even decades of incarceration. There is a “cost” saved to the tax payer by a successful transition out of the prison system, and there is as well a tremendous “cost” paid by the ex-offender who breaks the terms of parole or re-offends and is sent back to prison.


   Future Hope is dedicated to helping male ex-offenders rebuild their lives, one step at a time, in their transition from prison and parole to “normal life” back in the community.  There are three facets of Future Hope – the Next Step Program, Quixote House and Massie House. These are set up to provide affordable, safe housing, the support of one’s peers, and access to qualified and caring people able to accompany the individual according to his ongoing needs.


The Canadian Department of Corrections reports that when it releases an inmate without housing plans in place, that person usually ends up back behind bars. But for an offender with the support of housing, the success rate rises dramatically!

    Future Hope is dedicated to being part of the solution for men seeking to rebuild their lives one step at a time.
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