Quixote House

“Offering companionship in a safe, supportive, drug and alcohol-free residence, as men who struggle with disability, addictions, and feelings of rejection or loneliness, work to become financially stable and emotionally grounded."


   Just as the need for Next Step grew out of the work of chaplains and volunteers at Stony Mountain Penitentiary, Manitoba, so Quixote House grew out of Next Step. What became clear with participants in the Next Step Program was that many ex-offenders, especially those with few ties to the community, faced a difficult time starting a new life.


   Part of the problem was that men in the program often encountered the worst living conditions – often only finding a room in a flop house or, worse, a crack house.

Without financial resources and often assigned to a Halfway House where intimidation and temptations may lie around every corner, the parolee must find employment or an opportunity for further education with often very little assistance from an overworked parole officer. An obvious question presented itself, what are the most obvious needs? The answer: emotional support and some hope of finding a clean and affordable place to live.

   In January 2008 Quixote House was born. Familiar with the musical Man of la Mancha (based on the famous Spanish novel about the adventures of Don Quixote), one of the first residents proposed the name because the house seemed a dream come true to many released offenders. Men can live here, in community, until their parole is expired.

   In a drug and alcohol-free residence, parolees can, for a fixed period of time, experience safety and companionship, while becoming financially stable and emotionally grounded. Since its opening, Quixote House has been a stable and encouraging place for all.

   Future Hope is a not-for-profit corporation to ensure the long term viability of Quixote House. With your help, we will be able to provide basic affordable housing for alumni of the Next Step Program. We hope that you consider our request and judge its merits alongside other requests you receive. If you know of any person or group who might be interested in helping us, by all means pass this on!

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To A Friend
I have often thought
how we are enriched by life’s hellos,
and saddened in their goodbyes.
When I think of
you, it will be with a smile,
and when I speak
of you, it will be as my friend.
In saying this,
I hope you will
not find these words uncomfortable;
this is not my intent.
How can we ever
truly express our truth,
unless it’s from
the heart?
Saying this,
I have struggled
to find the words to give to you,
for all you’ve
given me;
and perhaps,
if you should ever
feel the coldness of this world,
you might remember
these words
and find comfort
in them too.

d Herron
Quixote House - 2009