The Massie House Apartments Project

“A clean, affordable housing initiative, in conjunction with the Next Step Peer Support Program for Released Offenders"

   In 2001 Sr. Carol Peloquin, a former Chaplain at Stony Mountain Correctional Institute, Manitoba, recognized an unmet need: transitional support to help inmates return successfully to society.
   With the permission of the Correctional Services of Canada, Sr. Carol launched a pilot program called “Next Step”, which aimed to support the physical and emotional needs of newly released offenders. Under Sr. Carol’s leadership, and with financial and volunteer support from various groups and individuals, Next Step has continued to help recently released prisoners. Weekly group meetings and personal contact with each released offender are integral parts of the program. Although Next Step continues to be successful in these areas, it became evident to Sr. Carol that newly released prisoners who struggled with disability, addictions, feelings of rejection or loneliness, easily succumbed to old strategies to meet their needs and risked re-offending. 

   Sr. Carol began discussions with others involved in the prison system. They too had contact with offenders who were discouraged, because they were unable to find clean, safe, affordable housing. With collaboration, encouragement and support, a lease for a newly renovated three story house in Winnipeg's West Broadway neighborhood was established.

   In January 2008 Quixote House was born. Familiar with the musical Man of la Mancha (based on the famous Spanish novel about the adventures of Don Quixote), one of the first residents proposed the name because the house seemed a dream come true to many released offenders.  In a drug and alcohol-free residence, parolees could, for a fixed period of time, experience safety and companionship, while becoming financially stable and emotionally grounded. Since its opening, Quixote House has been a stable and encouraging place for all.
   However, since Quixote is a temporary residence, the time to move on can seem premature and impinge on a successful reintegration into society. The ongoing question remained, “after Quixote, what is next?”
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Our Mission:

To provide clean, affordable housing, as well as ongoing community support, to ex-offenders who have been contributing and responsible residents of Quixote House for at least six months.