Donations to Future Hope:


How does Future Hope get funds?

   Future Hope receives no grants or subsidies from government sources, nor do we run a profit-based rental system.  Quixote House is sustained by the rents and board fees contributed by all residents of the house, and – if necessary – by grants from religious congregations or private individuals. The costs incurred at Massie House are covered by the rents of its tenants, and anything remaining is channelled into Next Step

   Next Step is our top priority at this time.  This program is considered the “gateway to the corridor” of Future Hope, and it is up to the coordinator of Next Step to meet men in the prison system and to discern if some of these men might benefit from involvement in Future Hope.  Monthly operating expenses for Next Step are funded by various church and religious groups.  It is necessary at this point to find funding for the half-time coordinator of Next Step, whose salary was cut off from federal sources in March of 2014.  Bridge financing will at the end of March 2015. 

How can I donate?

   We are grateful for your support!  You can contact us directly to arrange donations to Future Hope or use the secured PayPal Donation Button below.

Is Future Hope a Registered Canadian Charity?


   Yes. You can confirm the status of any officially registered Canadian charitable organization through the CRA's charitable listing services found at As such, Future Hope is able to recieve your donations and can provide a legal tax-receipt.


Can I specify which program my donation will go to?

   Most certainly.  Please let us know if you want your donation to support a specific program.  We welcome your input.
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